Feeding culture.

Fueling potential.

LifeWorks is changing the dining
and workplace experience for the better.

LifeWorks is a premium provider of customized dining solutions that extend well beyond food. We do more than simply serve great food. We feed culture and fuel the potential of your people and your business.

Everything we do and develop is grounded in deeply rooted insights and trends, making LifeWorks a knowledgeable and nimble organization designed to listen, learn and execute with imagination and operational excellence.

The Lifeworks Way

LifeWorks recognizes that a thoughtful, holistic approach to foodservice and amenities will create the most authentic and connected experiences for your employees.

The LifeWorks Way
Great Food

Making chefs and handmade food a cornerstone of the workplace experience.

What makes our food so amazing? It’s the passion, careand commitment to excellence we put into every detail. Organizations and employees count on us to bring our best each day so they can do and be their best each day. This is food you’d be proud to serve your own friends and family.

  • Food philosophy based around premium quality, variety and accessibility
  • Authentic, scratch cooking with no “corporate recipes”
  • Menus based on seasonality and availability offresh regional products
  • Whenever possible, foods are sourced locally usingsustainable and organic practices
  • Partnerships with local farms and purveyors
  • No trans fats used in kitchen; no peanut oil; no MSG used in food prep
Fruit Cup Great Food
Great Fit

Making the dining experience a reflection of company culture.

Leading workplace research reveals that strong company culture positively impacts business outcomes. LifeWorks is an industry leader in translating company culture into amenities and company foodservice programs that enhance your brand and attract top talent. As partners, LifeWorks gets to know your company DNA and designs a one-of-a-kind dining system that feeds your culture, and fuels the potential of your people and your business.

Great Fit
Great Flow Blueprint
Great Flow

Making people feel comfortable and connected in workspaces.

Lifeworks can help you define the potential ofa physical space or campus layout, and designa holistic dining solution that makes the workplace experience a more comfortable and connected place to be. An experience that is in sync with your company’s culture and optimizes available space beautifully and creatively.

Great Flow

We listen. We learn. We lead.

“The nature of work is changing quickly and companies are hard pressed to reflect that change. Finding and attracting top talent in the industry is critical moving forward and the space and dining experiences companies create can become a competitive advantage. We help our clients translate their culture into dining experiences that engage and delight employees in new and exciting ways. Whether they’re eating, socializing or collaborating.”

-Prentiss Hall, President and Co-Founder, LifeWorks

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