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Chef Marion

We’re supposed to start this with something about how she graduated from the California Culinary Academy won lots of awards, was the chef at the four-star Spaggia in Chicago…blah, blah, blah. Here’s the thing…Marion, one of our Senior Culinary Team Leaders (for us that means major culinary player) is fun, sassy, infectious, wickedly creative, outrageously talented and embodies inspirational leadership. She leads teams to do things that even they didn’t know they could do. She inspires people in all roles to truly be their best, work with heart, take enormous pride and serve others as an honor. She knows more about international cuisines and products than you can imagine and if there was a culinary Jeopardy, she’d be like a six-day-in-a-row winner. She’s originally from Texas and proud of being a Southern girl, she has lived and worked in San Francisco but now has to deal with Chicago winters.

What is your favorite part of LifeWorks?
It is our grassroots approach to connecting to the earth and farmers. It is a philosophy that is close to my heart. I get to come to work and play, empower my teams, push culinary boundaries to innovate every day and feed my guests something that nourishes their soul. How lucky am I?

Favorite Meal: Cheese, chocolate and wine. Oh, but wait Texas barbecue and beer. Or sushi or some pasta with truffles, or a big pile of bright green stuff, something spicy from an island somewhere or a really juicy ‘butter’ burger with light crispy onion rings.